We Are Moving!


When I started out this blog 5 years ago my intentions were to write about fashion and travelling. I had no idea what fashion or street style blogs were and I posted whenever I wanted without feeling the pressure to reach out, gain followers and be active in social media. That was until 2011. Then I discovered IFB, Twitter, Facebook groups about fashion bloggers and started being more active and even post outfits! I came in contact with some PR companies, attended press events, fashion shows and started reviewing beauty products that I was sent.

And one day I realized that I had lost interest for (and control over) my blog. I realized that I posted only for the sake of posting. I really missed the days when I was carefree and also I realized that my blog didn’t have a scope anymore. It was time to take action.

I decided to start a new blog that will be focused on what I initially started out to blog about: Fashion and Travels. I decided to name it Aspects of Style (ok it’s partially inspired by my other blog’s name Aspects of Athens). I hope this time I won’t fail my blog, nor my blog fail me.

I would be more than happy if you followed me in my new endeavors! See you there!



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