3 Favorite Summer Beauty Products

Soap&Glory Heel Genius, Garnier Body Tonic Night, Beauty Oil

I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to share the 3 beauty products that I’m using this summer in order to keep my skin firm and hydrated as well as my heels smooth! I’ll start with the latter. For years I’ve been looking for a foot cream that would make my heels really smooth (on top of scrubing and buffing that is). I don’t know if that “perfect” cream exists, but I believe I’m one step closer to smoother heels thanks to Soap & Glory Heel Genius. The applications is easy, but has to be done at night, as you have to pop on some cotton socks after applying the cream. You’d think I’m crazy for wearing socks during those hot summer months, but it’s worth it. As I mentioned above, my heels haven’t transformed overnight from rough (thankfully they do not crack) to super soft and smooth, but they definitely feel and look better!

Now on to my body routine! This year is the first time that I will actually consume a whole pot of anti-cellulite cream in one summer, as I usually have leftovers for the next summer. That’s because I found a product that isn’t too messy to apply, absorbs rather quickly and delivers (or at least my fiance tells me so). That cream is Garnier Bodytonic Nuit, which I first heard about in a Garnier event early this year and I was determined to buy it. I’m so happy by the fuss-free application and the reasonable price, so it enters my re-purchase list for next spring!

Last is Garnier’s Beauty Oil, which I received a couple of months ago. I find it ideal for summer, as it is hydrating (it countains 4 oils after all) without being too heavy like body lotions and butters (which are appropriate for winter). It’s a dry oil and I recommend that you use it straight out of the shower, so as to soak in easier.

So tell me what products are you favoring this summer?

Disclaimer: Garnier Beauty Oil was sent to me by Garnier to try it out. I just expressed my honest opinion. The other 2 products were purchased by me.

3 thoughts on “3 Favorite Summer Beauty Products

  1. Have you ever used jojoba oil as a moisturizer? It works amazingly, and I would imagine it would be a bit cheaper than buying the Beauty Oil. I just mix a few drops in with my body lotion and, it makes for a super moisturizing lotion!

  2. I want to try the Garnier Bodytonic Nuit but I still haven’t got to the part where I use these creams every night (I have a semi full bottle of anticellulite cream for the last couple month-shame on me!)

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