{outfit} Nidodileda

Nidodileda outfit

Last month I had the sheer luck of winning a giveaway hosted by Wardrobe Recycle, Aussie Greece and Nidodileda. The prize consisted of the clothes I’m wearing, Aussie’s limited edition 3 Minute Miracle hair masks and this photoshoot!

So on the 17th of July I headed to six d.o.g.s (a cafe/bar) in Athens for the photoshoot. Unfortunately Florendia from Wardrobe Recycle couldn’t be present, but I was greeted by Tonia, which is the talented designer behind Nidodileda (hint, hint she’s pictured in the last photo of this post). Also present where 3 girls who won a similar giveaway from Fashionism blog, plus the designer from SOMF. In between shoots we had lots of girly chats and lots of fun! Thanks a lot Aussie and Florendia for that fun afternoon!

You can see more photos (the professional ones) here and the photoshoot’s video here.

Nidodileda outfit Nidodileda outfit posing with Tonia the designer of Nidodileda

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