Valtadoros: AXDW SS2013

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

On Saturday I attended my friend Paris Valtadoros show during the Athens Xclusive Designers Week. I’ll start my review by stating that although it was supposed to be  spring/summer collection, there were a lot of coats and jackets and dark colors on show. The theme of the collection was “Orchid’s Dance” and indeed you could see a lot of inspiration coming from those lovely flowers color-wise (there was a lot of purple, fuchsia, pink and green) and cut-wise.

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

In the end the designer showed some wedding dresses while singer Margarita Gkinosati sung. On of them was actually a jumpsuit, while to of them were mini-dresses (one of them is pictured above). I liked the combination of the white dresses with red shoes. I also liked (as always in Paris’ dresses) the cut and especially the back of the dresses (you’ll notice I chose a lot of backs to show on this post). I mostly liked the pink-fuchsia hued dresses, which are presented below, though I believe that the pink dress in the first photo is a bit too short! My favorite dress is the third one pictured below, the pink one with the knitwear detail on the bust. I like the hue of the fabric very much, as well as the fact that it’s iridescent. I’ll make a wild guess that it’s either sois sauvage or taffeta…

So tell me, which one is your favorite??

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

During the finale rapper Blaze sung and the designer Paris Valtadoros thanked the guests along with singer Margarita Gkinosati.

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

Valtadoros AXDW SS 2013

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6 thoughts on “Valtadoros: AXDW SS2013

  1. πολυ ωραιες φωτογραφιες!! μαρεσουν τα χρωματα δυστυχως εφτασα λιγο αργα και δεν προλαβα να δω το σοου του ειδα απο εκει κ μετα…


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