{beauty} The quest for smooth hair (a review)

garnier fructis

The Story

Smooth hair…silky hair…soft hair… that’s what we all want, right? Hair that is and looks healthy (no matter how many products we’ve used on them). I can feel you, because I’m one of those women too, although I’ve jumped on the badwagon quite recently I have to admit! In the past I’ve mentioned a hair oil I’m using and like very much and I also have a couple of products to try and review over the next few months, but let me tell you first about a new range of products that I used lately from Garnier that made my hair nice and soft (despite the straightening iron I used on them!)

Let’s start with a run-down of the new line that is called Nourish & Repair 3 (I did a little search and found that this line is called Triple Nutrition in the US and Repair & Shine in the UK),  which contains 3 oils: Avocado, Olive and Shea (Karite)  and is aimed at dry, dehydrated and damaged hair. Mine aren’t dry, but they were surely a bit dehydrated from the hot summer temperatures, salt water, sun shine etc. So it’s an ideal line for summer to fall transition!

The Products

The Nourish & Repair 3 line contains 4 products (pictured above): Shampoo (big bottle on the right), Conditioner (on the left), Strengthening Hair Mask (middle bottom) and Treatment on the Spot (middle top)

All products contain the above metioned oil, which have the following traits:

Olive oil makes hair shine

Avocado oil makes hair soft

Shea oil makes hair silky

In the beginning I was a bit puzzled with the Treatment on the Spot product, which isn’t characterized either as conditioner or as mask. According to the description it nourishes the hair as a mask (so it’s a mask, right?), but it’s lighter than a mask and it can be used daily (as opposed to using a mask once or twice a week). Since I don’t wash my hair daily I’d go for the mask, but this product seems suitable for girls who wash their hair daily…so there you go, we have hair masks for everyone!

Another downside for me that doesn’t have to do with the effectiveness with the products, is the size of the Shampoo bottle which is 400ml. Needless to say that I need a year (yes year) to go through this bottle as a) I’m washing my hair twice a week b) my hair isn’t long c) I’m usually the only one who uses “special” shampoos. And it really frustrates me that I can’t change shampoo in less than a year. I hope that there was a smaller bottle alternative!

The Experience

First of all I have to tell you that the products smell super nice. They have a citrus smell (it’s Fructis after all!!) and they don’t feel “heavy” on the hair.

I’m usually a mix and match girl, meaning a never buy one line of shampoo, hair conditioner and mask, but prefer to buy products from different lines (e.g. for straight hair, color treated etc).

For me the “star” product of the line is the Strenghthening Hair Mask which I’d definitely buy again. Not that I don’t believe that the shampoo and conditioner aren’t “working” but I believe that since the mask is the last product I apply on my hair and stays there longer than the shampoo or conditioner, it’s the one product that defines how my hair will feel afterwards.

I used all 4 products actually (no harm there I guess), and indeed my hair felt really soft and easy to comb. I was worried that they would feel oily with so many products that contail oils, but no, they didn’t!

If you have tried this Fructis line do tell me your opinion in the comments! Or else share your “tips” and products for smooth and shiny hair!

Disclaimer: The products were sent to me from Garnier to try them out. The opinions expressed above are entirely my own.

6 thoughts on “{beauty} The quest for smooth hair (a review)

  1. ειναι πολυ ομορφα!! μυριζουν βασικα πολυ τελεια τα ξεκινησα αυτη τη βδομαδα κ ταιριαζουν στον τυπο μου αφου εξω πολυ ξηρες ακρες
    *το δικο μου μυστικο για λαμπερα μαλλια ειναι το λουσιμο με κρυο νερο στο τελος κ λιγο λαδακι η σερουμ στις ακρουλες ;)
    πολυ ωραιο review :) filakiaaa

  2. I haven’t gotten into the whole hair mask thing. My hair is usually oily anyway and I find too much conditioning makes it look heavy, but I do want to try. I’ll go look for it!

  3. κουκλα μου σε ευχαριστω παρα πολυ για τα καλα σου λογια στο σχολιο που μου αφησες!

    **οσο για αυτο που ελεγες για τη βαση πριν τη σκια κ γω κονσιλερ εβαζα τωρα τι να σου πω το σκεφτομουν να παρω μια βαση καιρο τωρα..
    και σευχαριστω πολυ για το σχολιο για τα μαλλια μου ενταξει θα τα συνηθισω απλα τα ειχα για 3 χρονια μακρια κ καταλαβαινεις :)
    φιλακια πολλααα!!

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