The Summer Diaries

Sani Resort Halkidiki Greece
Sani Resort, Halkidiki Greece

The warm weather, my vacations, and the sea that calls me, inspired me on writing a summer post although most of the summer has already passed (mind you till mid-end September still counts as summer here in Greece)! As Heather wrote in her blog a while back, our carefree childhood memories and the “fashion and lifestyle magazines that project this delightful summer fantasy” make us believe that summer is lounging under palm trees watching the deep blue sea! Well that’s not the case always, but for some weeks we definitely can escape the everyday routine to somewhere different, near the sea, on an island or even on a mountain village. The most important thing is to spend our days relaxing, away from the city, no matter where we are!

Summer styling and beauty tips

During the summer we tent to dress lighter, skip heavy make up routines and opt for more carefree hairstyles!  My summertime essential piece of clothing is the “little white dress” which you can style in many ways! Here are 3 ways I like to style mine! It’s the number one piece that goes in my suitcase as well, when going on vacations! A classic combination is a white dress with a turqoise necklace (if it’s gold and turqoise it’s even better)! I like this one and I’m looking forward to DIYing this one with an existing turqoise necklace that I have!

My summer beauty “must haves”? That would be a bronzing powder, sunscreen for face and body and a hair oil to make my hair soft after swimming in the sea! For more details read my 10 foolproof summer beauty tips!

Elafonisos Small Simos Beach
Elafonisos Small Simos Beach


Well…Greece has so many beautiful places to choose from! Really! My favorite Greek beaches are Porto Katsiki in Lefkada (you’ve surely seen this photo going around in Pinterest), Simos beach in Elafonisos, Agia Kyriaki in Milos, Kalo Livadi in Mykonos and Farangas in Paros.

This year I’ve visited Santorini so far and it was very nice! Santorini has some beautiful views, scenery and typical cycladic architecture!

Last year I visited Naxos and Leros for the first time! This year I’m visiting two islands that I’ve already visited years ago, but you’ll have to wait and see :P Two years ago I did some serious island-tour though: I visited Elafonisos twice, went to Paros and Lefkada.

Mykonos got quite a publicity this year as Louis Vuitton invited some reknowned fashion bloggers for the opening of it’s resort store. It’s been 3 years since I last went there, but here are my thoughts on this island.

And last, for those who cannot get enough of turquoise sea water and peculiar beaches (you’ll see what I mean), there’s Milos! Oh did I mention that it is rumored to be an ideal island for couples?? (well I have to add that I saw many families there as well).


There are lot’s of songs that remind me of summer! The No1 should be Stereo Love by Edward Maya (the video was shot in Mykonos by the way!).

Other songs include:

Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira (was listening to it on repeat 6 years ago while vacationing in Barcelona)

All Summer Long – Kid Rock

Last Summer – Nicko

When Love Takes Over – David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland (actually anything by David Guetta is good for summer and I think I have a couple of friends that would agree on that!!)

Oneiropagida (=dreamcatcher)-Onirama ft Mironas Stratis

Which songs say “summer” to you???

One thought on “The Summer Diaries

  1. Oh my gosh it must be so amazing to live in Greece and be able to go to all those gorgeous islands! I’m so jealous.

    Summer weather won’t end here until mid-october, so I’ll be yammering on about warm weather clothing for a while on my blog. Thanks so much for the mention too!

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