10 {foolproof} summer beauty tips

10 {foolproof} summer tips

Summer is officially here and you know what that means: sunbathing, swimming, baring skin, eating ice cream and many many more good stuff! Question is how do we take care of ourselves during summer and how can we look more radiant! Well, thanks to this week’s IFB project (haven’t done one for a long long time), I can share with you my tips and advice!

DO wear sunscreen! I am a sunscreen advocate through and through! I’ve been scortched in the past and it didn’t look good! I was like a lobster! Plus sunscreen prevents aging and although I am still young to know that I trust V’s advice! On my face I wear sunscreen all year long: SPF 15 during winter and SPF 30 during summer. For the past years I’m loving Lancome’s sunscreen line.

DON’T over style your hair! When May comes I ditch my straighteners and curling iron and leave my hair to air dry! Sometimes I use mousse in order to create some beachy waves as well (which occur naturally when I hit the beach of course).

DO indulge in a hair cut. Well I’ve always had medium or short hair for my entire life, so a haircut doesn’t seem so radical to me! Plus I want to be able to style my hair easier and plus when it gets hot I don’t have to resort to ponytails! Want some inspiration? Here it is!

DO wear bronzing powder! I love bronzing powder since I first discovered it 5 years ago! Currently I wear Lancaster Kaleidoscope Illuminating Compact Powder that I got 2 years ago. In the end of the summer, when I’ve tanned a bit (because I don’t tan a lot due to my fair skin), I’m so hooked to this powder that I don’t want to switch to my usual blush.

DO paint your nails in bright colors! This summer I love H&M’s Wildflower and China Glaze’s Re-fresh Mint.

DON’T let your soles crackle.  During the summer, wearing sandals and walking on the beach takes a toll on our soles. I file my soles frequently and every other night I apply Neutrogena’s Nourishing Foot Cream and wear socks for a couple of hours!

DO wear a floral or fresh fragrance! As I’ve written before, I’m a fan of Apivita’s Jasmine fragrance! It’s so summer-y!

DO nourish your hair! I’ve been reading a lot about oils lately (argan being the most “popular” one) and I’m keen on using one before washing my hair as it makes them soft! Right now I’m using Le Petit Marseillais Huile Nutrition Intense (which is budget friendly)!

DON’T make your face look like a cake! Let loose on the foundation and powder and stuff…your face needs to breathe! Why not use a BB cream instead? Although I’m not a fan of make up, I’ve been using Garnier’s BB creams lately (especially the new one for oily and combination skin).

DO drink lot’s of water! It’s that simple!

8 thoughts on “10 {foolproof} summer beauty tips

  1. Great tips! And thank you for the mention! Glad to know you take sunscreen seriously. I wish more people would.

    And thanks for the PSA about cracked heels. I’m so grossed out every time I see them. I don’t know why people don’t take better care of their skin and feet! I’ve seen so many well-dressed women, then when I scan to the feet and see crust…EWWWWWWW! Ruins the whole facade!

    1. You’re welcome! It was a very well-put post! Living in a country with so much sunshine it’s essential to use sunscreen, because I’ve seen how skin turns when you don’t use, and it doesn’t look nice!
      As for cracked heels, let’s say I’m a bit “obsessed” and wearing sandals all summer long I like them to look good (and feel smooth)!

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