{travel} Nafplio

Bourtzi, Nafplio
Bourtzi, Nafplio

Last Saturday I visited Nafplio, a coastal picturesque city 2 hours away from Athens, which used to be Greece’s first capital.


I really enjoying visiting Nafplio, and I haven’t done so in years, so it was lovely going there again. Here are some pictures that I snapped. I didn’t have much time to walk around and take more pictures, so I suggest you visit Call me M’s blog Do You Speak Gossip to check her photos, as she visited Nafplio recently too. :)

clock, Nafplio

stairs, Nafplio

signpost, Nafplio

The above signpost is from a very cute shop (the kind that Anna likes), that sells jewelry, accessories and decorative objects.

lanterns, Nafplio

And by now you should already know that I like both lanterns and fairy lights!




One thought on “{travel} Nafplio

  1. Great post! Thank you so much for mentioning me and my blog Anna! :)
    I hope you liked my pics, I have many more pics to show from Nafplio…so stay tuned! ;)
    I was in love with that shop in your last pic, with the lanterns and fairy lights, the first time I went there 2 years ago. Like it came out of a Harry Potter movie (I’m a huge fan of the series)!

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