{travel} Lancaster Memories 2005-2006

Lancaster University driveway
Lancaster University Driveway

On Saturday October 1st 2005 I got on a plane and flew to the UK to do my master’s degree (in Information Technology, Management and Organizational Change :P). Today,6 years later, I still remember that day, and that year, so I decided to do a small “tribute” post filled with photos from back then, which ended up being a one of the best years in my life so far! I made new friends, I travelled a lot, I had lots of fun, I drove in the other side of the road (well, you know in the UK, the driver’s seat is on the right side of the car) and well, yes, I studied too :P

my house
The house that I lived in
my workspace
My workspace

When I look at all these pictures I took in Lancaster and in the various places I visited (I toured I good portion of the UK)  and remember those times, I really become nostalgic…

Ashton Memorial and Lancaster
Ashton Memorial (up on the hill) and Lancaster city
Seat Altea
Seat Altea, the car that I usually rented for my trips

So, this post is full of pictures of Lancaster, the University and my room and is dedicated to all my friends from Lancaster that made that year so special!!

Lancaster University Management School
Lancaster University Management School
rainy day view from my window
Rainy Day (view from my window)
Lancaster was full of sheep
duck and ducklings
…and ducks
house in Lancaster
A house in the outskirts of Lancaster
Graduate college
Graduate College
Ashton Memorial
Ashton Memorial
Lancaster, Morecambe and River Lune
View from Ashton Memorial: Lancaster, Morecambe and River Lune
Lancaster City Center




10 thoughts on “{travel} Lancaster Memories 2005-2006

    1. It was indeed! I’ll always have the fondest memories from that year…but unfortunately all good thing come to an end! at least we enjoyed it!

      1. Yes, I realise of that :)
        I’ve never driven in the other side of the road lol. It must be little strange if you aren’t accustomed ( can you say “wonted” instead?).

        Btw, are you from U.S. or U.K?
        So, I guess that the last pic you show, in which you do appear, it’s you 6 years ago? Wow, lot of keepsakes or souvenirs there :)!

        thxs for sharing

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