{fashion} Let Me Dream

Let Me Dream

Let Me Dream by designedbyann featuring gold bracelets

This set was created while searching for the (perfect) dress to wear at a couple of summer weddings I have to attend.

The starting point were the shoes…Those multi-strapped DKNY shoes that I got during fashion’s night out last year. you can see their actual color here. I couldn’t find the original color online, so I had to make do with the beige ones!!

I picked out this All Saints dress (I am a total All Saints fan) because I think it matches with the shoes perfectly and because I love All Saints (said that before didn’t I?)

Tell me what you think! I value your input!

11 thoughts on “{fashion} Let Me Dream

  1. oh, the shoes! i like them in your colour – the blue is literally heavenly. when i read “The starting point where the shoes…”, i wondered if i actually create my outfits starting with the shoes… hm. do you?

    1. well actually they are greenish (bad light)… :P
      I don’t have a “pattern” for creating outfits…sometimes I start with the top or the pants or a really interesting accessory…and rarely with the shoes (I am not a shoe person). But this time I got the shoes first so I have to look for a dress and their color is kind of tricky…

  2. First of all, I really like the shoes. The big ankle bands make them more edgy and less “sexy kitten”, plus they are simple and elegant. Good choice! The pastel colour makes them also very suitable for a summer wedding.

    The dress is just perfect: simple but not “obvious” thanks to the folds and the cut. It looks elegant but not “old”. I find it very fresh and young instead, which makes it perfect for you and the occasion. I would totally go with that, it also seems to suit the colour of your actual shoes.

    The clutch is just adorable, and the bracelets add a lighter, less serious touch.

    Love everything really, and I’d love to see this outfit on you! Keep us posted!



    1. I love your comment Al, very much!!
      Yes, when I saw the shoes I thought “edgy” (and they were on discount too). I have seen the dress a couple of months ago and looked it up again while playing with polyvore. It is highly possible to buy it (I hate searching for dresses) as I really believe it matches with the shoes!

  3. Hi,
    I agree with Al, the cut of the dress makes it interesting. And because of the colors you will look sophisticated too. How are you wearing your hair? I see loose, flowy hair whether it’s long or short hair. Let us know how what you’ve decided.

    1. Yes indeed, I’m going for loose and flowy. I’ve recently cut them, but light curls really work for my hair!

  4. I really like the soft colors of these outfit- I think they are great for a warm-weather wedding! I think the overall look is very appropriate for a wedding- but still young and fresh! Lucky you getting to attend multiple weddings this summer =)

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