Blogging Turn-Offs

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Totally inspired by Beautifully Invisible’s post “10 Things about your blog that drive me crazy“, I decided to share with you things that turn me off when visiting and following other blogs. Here it goes…

1) You have a huge header, so huge, than when your blog loads I see only the header. I think that if you halve the height it would be still cute :) I noticed that this happens in Blogger. WordPress headers have smaller height.

photo collage

2) You compose blog posts full of pictures that you found cool or inspirational and I scroll, scroll, scroll till the end of the post and guess what? I’m not feeling inspired!!! It would mean much more to me to include fewer pictures and tell me (like, in words) why you find those pictures inspirational. It is true that a picture equals a thousand words, but you could spare me and add a couple of your words, to explain to me why you like those pictures and then I might feel inspired too :)

3) You have bad quality photos (i.e. blurry, you look small, you are out of focus etc). You want to do outfit posts, that’s a great idea, as I like seeing other people’s style!! But give me a break and make those photos look good. You don’t have to splurge on a DSLR, you just have to follow some “tips”. On IFB there are a couple of posts here and here on taking your own pictures and Casee Marie wrote a beautiful tutorial on how you can use photoshop to make failed photos work! My advice: a) YOU should be the focus of the photo (so do some croping) and b) please, oh please, choose your background wisely.

4) You don’t post often. You have do keep your readers engaged. I honestly understand that you have a life apart from your blog, I do too. In the past I posted scarcely, so there’s no surprise that my traffic was low. I believe that you should post at least once a week (twice would make me super happy). I follow your blog because I find it interesting, please, don’t disappoint me!

5) You post more than once a day. You saw a picture of a celebrity and you posted it, nice. Then you remembered you found some cool shoes that you wanted to share with your followers. And then… Well accumulating ideas is nice, but keep something for tomorrow, or for the day you won’t have inspiration. You should really know by now that QUALITY is what matters the most.

be original

6) You don’t have original content. If you are on IFB, you must probably came across Grit&Glamour’s survey about original content. It’s one of the first posts I read since joining IFB. Most recently Joanne Faith posted a couple of posts (here and here) containing valuable blogging tips and original content(= text+pictures) is on the list (surprise, surprise). It is preferable to have your own photos, but when you don’t and you just pick up nice photos from the web, combine those photos with your own words (see no 2. above). For example for my post What (Not) to Wear When Going Shopping, I didn’t have the time to dress up in sweatpants, or jeans, or a dress to rest my case, so I found cool photos on weheartit (I love this site). BUT, the words, the blog post are totally mine, my ideas, so yes this is an original content! Or if you found a nice editorial you’d like to share, don’t post only the photos, tell us why you like it.

7) You have dark background (and white letters). This is not good for my eyes and unless you are a very good blogger, then I’ll probably refrain from visiting your blog.

8) When I leave a comment, I’d love it if you come over my blog and leave a comment or at least “reply” to my comment on your blog. I don’t expect from bloggers with hundreds of comments (you know, the famous ones), to come check my blog and reply, but what about the rest?

Photo credits: here, here and here.

25 thoughts on “Blogging Turn-Offs

  1. GREAT points, and I echo them all! Especially the black-background blogs. They absolutely kill me.

    Thanks for the mention…funny, I just sent a tweet about content originality. Must have been feeling your vibe!

    1. haha…probably! I really got that original thing from your blog post back then and made me re-think a lot about my blog!

  2. Great post – such a subjective subject but it is fabulous to see that everyone cares about UX (user experience) and not just us web development shop dorks!


    1. well…maybe I’m influenced by a web usability seminar I attended some years ago! Some tips from these guys always comes to mind when I write on my blog. User experience is top for me and I’m hard to please!!!

  3. Great Post! Now if some bloggers would just apply these tips (including myself). My issue is homeschooling my daughter, going to night classes and working full time. But I at least post 3x’s a wk… I try :-)

  4. Love this! I agree with all of your points.. especially about posting more than once a day. I can barely keep up with my blog reading as is, if I log on to Google Reader or Bloglovin’ and see that I have missed 10 posts by someone in 2 days, that is a huge turnoff!

    Thanks for the shout-out and so glad my post inspired you to share this!

    1. I also find it annoying when one day there are 3 posts and a week passes before the next 3 posts re-appear :P

      You’re welcome for the shout-out…shat I love about blogging is that I find posts (like yours) that inspire me to write more :)

  5. THANK YOU!! I mean people (bloggers), especially bloggers trying to capture a following, need to read this. I’ve seen so many blogs with horrible grammar, bad photos (bad food photos are the worst), and either not posting regularly or just posting nonsense. I’m so happy someone has outlined all the bad things about bad blogs. Thanks.

    1. thank you Terry! I wish some bloggers thought about stuff like photo quality and regularity of posting before they hit “publish” :)

  6. I so second this!!

    But maybe I am a bit harsher than you are, for example I totally don’t understand inspiration-only blogs… Even with a line or two of personal comment. I mean… I can surf the internet too, I do follow fashionologie and street style blogs too so I already got my huge amount of inspiration from that, without the need of you re-posting that. On the other hand I really like blogs that use inspiration pictures as a “side dish” of their posts or blogger that do an inspiration-post once in a while, among their original content posts (like you, and many of my other friends-bloggers do… your “what not to wear when shopping” post is just the right example)

    And dark background… my God… I tried to read a blog like that once, I was also interested in that but I HAD TO stop for the sake of my eyes…

    I think you gave voice to many bloggers’ thoughts here Anna ;-)



    1. Indeed using “inspirational” photos to “dress up” a post that contains mostly text is indeed a very good idea, and that’s when I resort to the internet to fins such photos.As for the dark background…I honestly don’t know that these people are thinking!!!

  7. Wow, thanks so much for the shout-out! You listed so many things that frustrate me as well; especially light text on a black background! I always thought it was just a personal dislike of mine.

    Wonderful post!

    1. you’re welcome! your tutorial is ideal for not so successful outfit photos :)
      As for the black background, I’m sure that those who choose it never thout of their readers’ eyes!!

  8. Yes, not a fan of black backgrounds. I agree with your point on inspiration. Also, it’s interesting about the multiple posting in the same day… my goodness who has the time for that? I’m still trying to find a way to post 3+ times a week! haha! Thank you for this great post! :)

    1. I don’t understand the multiple post either!! it’s better to “keep” those ideas and post them throughout the week!

  9. Ann, I appreciate your salient and thoughtfully constuctive pointers—> to point those of us who are relatively new to blogging over the best paths. I have to admit guilty on the multiple post thing. I promise I usually don’t do that, happily scheduling myself to be free to do other things, but today I was so excited with my outfit…I couldn’t wait. Also my pics are blurry. But to me it is suggestive of movement and reminds me of Degas’ drawings. I hope you will visit me there. (Oh and my header is sort of large) : D Thank you

  10. Couldn’t agree with you more … But the only time I don’t reply or leave comment on people’s blog (after they have visited me) is because

    a) Their comment went something like this – “Hey! Come check out my blog and let me know what you think” … Really! No kidding. No mention of my post and just pure advertisement.

    b) Their comment was “Great Pictures!” – You are visiting my blog for the first time, and I have written some content along with the pictures and all you can say is that.

    c) Regardless of what anyone commented on my blog when I visit their blog I couldn’t find a single thing of my interest and I can’t get myself to leave a comment for the heck of it … so I leave, politely!

    Sorry for the long rant! Don’t know what got inside me this morning. :P

    ♡ from ©

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