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We Are Moving!


When I started out this blog 5 years ago my intentions were to write about fashion and travelling. I had no idea what fashion or street style blogs were and I posted whenever I wanted without feeling the pressure to reach out, gain followers and be active in social media. That was until 2011. Then I discovered IFB, Twitter, Facebook groups about fashion bloggers and started being more active and even post outfits! I came in contact with some PR companies, attended press events, fashion shows and started reviewing beauty products that I was sent.

And one day I realized that I had lost interest for (and control over) my blog. I realized that I posted only for the sake of posting. I really missed the days when I was carefree and also I realized that my blog didn’t have a scope anymore. It was time to take action.

I decided to start a new blog that will be focused on what I initially started out to blog about: Fashion and Travels. I decided to name it Aspects of Style (ok it’s partially inspired by my other blog’s name Aspects of Athens). I hope this time I won’t fail my blog, nor my blog fail me.

I would be more than happy if you followed me in my new endeavors! See you there!



{outfit} White and Blue

White and Blue in Rethymno, Crete

White and blue is a classic summer color combination – in Greece at least – and one that I wear pretty often (white top and denim shorts anyone?). This time I went for a blue chambray top (got to love them) and embroidered white shorts. I wore this outfit while exploring the city of Rethymno in Crete! I finished off the look with my cat eye sunglasses and a hat (unfortunately the hat pictures didn’t make the cut).

Outfit details: Top and Shorts H&M, Sandals Zara, Vogue Sunglasses, Furla bag.

White and Blue in Rethymno, Crete White and Blue in Rethymno, Crete ice cream

3 Favorite Summer Beauty Products

Soap&Glory Heel Genius, Garnier Body Tonic Night, Beauty Oil

I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to share the 3 beauty products that I’m using this summer in order to keep my skin firm and hydrated as well as my heels smooth! I’ll start with the latter. For years I’ve been looking for a foot cream that would make my heels really smooth (on top of scrubing and buffing that is). I don’t know if that “perfect” cream exists, but I believe I’m one step closer to smoother heels thanks to Soap & Glory Heel Genius. The applications is easy, but has to be done at night, as you have to pop on some cotton socks after applying the cream. You’d think I’m crazy for wearing socks during those hot summer months, but it’s worth it. As I mentioned above, my heels haven’t transformed overnight from rough (thankfully they do not crack) to super soft and smooth, but they definitely feel and look better!

Now on to my body routine! This year is the first time that I will actually consume a whole pot of anti-cellulite cream in one summer, as I usually have leftovers for the next summer. That’s because I found a product that isn’t too messy to apply, absorbs rather quickly and delivers (or at least my fiance tells me so). That cream is Garnier Bodytonic Nuit, which I first heard about in a Garnier event early this year and I was determined to buy it. I’m so happy by the fuss-free application and the reasonable price, so it enters my re-purchase list for next spring!

Last is Garnier’s Beauty Oil, which I received a couple of months ago. I find it ideal for summer, as it is hydrating (it countains 4 oils after all) without being too heavy like body lotions and butters (which are appropriate for winter). It’s a dry oil and I recommend that you use it straight out of the shower, so as to soak in easier.

So tell me what products are you favoring this summer?

Disclaimer: Garnier Beauty Oil was sent to me by Garnier to try it out. I just expressed my honest opinion. The other 2 products were purchased by me.


Vlasti Macedonia Greece

Vlasti is my maternal grandfather’s hometown (village actually). I’ve been visiting this place for almost every summer since 1983 (but there was a 4 year gap since my last visit) and I’m loving it. It is located in the Prefecture of Kozani in the region of West Macedonia in Northern Greece. It’s built on a plateau in the mountains and the altitude is about 1200m above sea level. Needless to say that even in the summer it’s chilly at night! I have lot’s of childhood memories from this place including climbing up on the small hills that surround the village, eating gyros and pizza (the best pizza I’ve ever tasted) and of course the festivities on the 15th of August, when the locals form a large circle in the meadows and and dance to traditional dances.

The top photo was taken from the monastery of Agios Panteleimonas which is further up on the mountain and provides a clear view of the village, its meadows and the forest that surrounds it. The following photos depict: 1. An abandoned house with the most beautiful windows/entrance I have seen (and in a good condition no less) 2. A rose arch in a house located in the village’s square 3. The statue of Ioannis Farmakis, who used to be revolutionary leader of the Greek War of Independence back in the 19th century. 4. A newly built house with decorative frescoes. 5. Partial view of Vlasti from the meadows. 6. Another house (not abandoned this time) with a blue entrance. 7. Sunset in Vlasti. 8.Photo from the festivities on 15th of August (from 2009).

I was really busy road-tripping in the area as there are so many interesting places to visit in the region of West Macedonia, so I didn’t spend much time in Vlasti! In an upcoming post I’ll show you more photos from my trips, till then there’s a preview in my Instagram feed.

House in Vlasti Macedonia Greece Door and Roses in Vlasti Macedonia Greece Statue of Ioannis Farmakis in Vlasti Macedonia Greece House in Vlasti Macedonia Greece Vlasti Macedonia Greece House in Vlasti Macedonia Greece Sunset in Vlasti Macedonia Greece

15th of August festivities in Vlasti Macedonia Greece

{outfit} Nidodileda

Nidodileda outfit

Last month I had the sheer luck of winning a giveaway hosted by Wardrobe Recycle, Aussie Greece and Nidodileda. The prize consisted of the clothes I’m wearing, Aussie’s limited edition 3 Minute Miracle hair masks and this photoshoot!

So on the 17th of July I headed to six d.o.g.s (a cafe/bar) in Athens for the photoshoot. Unfortunately Florendia from Wardrobe Recycle couldn’t be present, but I was greeted by Tonia, which is the talented designer behind Nidodileda (hint, hint she’s pictured in the last photo of this post). Also present where 3 girls who won a similar giveaway from Fashionism blog, plus the designer from SOMF. In between shoots we had lots of girly chats and lots of fun! Thanks a lot Aussie and Florendia for that fun afternoon!

You can see more photos (the professional ones) here and the photoshoot’s video here.

Nidodileda outfit Nidodileda outfit posing with Tonia the designer of Nidodileda

And Other Stories Body Mist and Scrub Review

and other stories body scrub and mist

I read about And Other Stories through various beauty blogs about 3 months ago and I must admit I was curious to visit this store mostly about their beauty products than their clothes!! So when I planned my trip to Copenhagen, I realized that I would have the chance to visit the local branch. I didn’t have much time at hand so I focused on their beauty section and their accessories and only lightly browsed through the clothes racks. In the end I exited the store with 2 products: a body scrub and a body mist, both featuring the same fragrance labeled “Punk Bouquet”.

I’ll start my review with the body mist. It is the first time ever that I bought body mist and most probably the last one and that because I realized that body mists don’t last much (yeah I know, big news, right?!). The fragrance consists of “Tiger orchid and dewy lotus flower entwined with nutty almond and sweet tonka beans, overgrown by tree moss and topped with a splash of tangerine”. It was very pleasant and reminded me of vanilla, thanks to the tonka beans that are included in the mix. It’s very refreshing as well, but it doesn’t last more than 4 hours. But if you are a fan of body mists, by all means, you can try the ones from And Other Stories, which come out in other fragrances as well, such as…..

The body scrub is a product that I would definitely repurchase the next time I find myself in an And Other Stories store. That’s because this scrub has the level of coarseness that I desire! I know a few months ago I told you about the Soap & Glory scrub, but this one is far more coarse and ideal not only for my dry patches, but for my feet as well.

Le Pandorine Fall 2013

Le Pandorine Fall 2013

Today on the blog I present you the fall collection of the playful Le Pandorine bags and their cheeky quotes!I took many photos, but here are my favorite styles! I particlarly liked the shopping bag on the first photo (both for the quote and the flower detail) and the envelope bags pictured below.

Le Pandorine Fall 2013 Le Pandorine Fall 2013 Le Pandorine Fall 2013

Gorm’s Gourmetpizze&Vin Copenhagen

Magstraede Copenhagen

I don’t know if I wrote about it before, but I absolutely adore pizza! So when searching for a place to eat in Copenhagen last month, the sign of “Gorm’s Gourmetpizze & Vin” drew my attention! So in we went!

The place is half-lit, as you can see in the photos and every table has its own candle! The menu looked very promising, but I must warn you that Denmark is an expensive country so each of these pizzas (enough for 1 person) costs about 14 euros! The pizza I got was called “Miss Wissbone” had tomato, mozzarella, potato, Parma ham, rocket and pesto and was very tasty!!

Gorm’s can be found in 2 locations in Copenhagen: Nyhavn 14 and Magstraede 16. As a pizza fan I totally recommend it if you find yourself there.

Gorm's pizza Copenhagen Gorm's pizza Copenhagen Gorm's pizza Copenhagen Gorm's pizza Copenhagen Gorm's pizza Copenhagen

Cromia Fall 2013

Cromia Fall 2013

Last week I featured the Alviero Martini 1a Classe collection for Fall 2013. Today’s post is all about Cromia, a stylish yet more affordable bags’ brand. I particulacly liked the bags’ clear lines and muted colors; perfect for fall and winter. The bags feature interesting decorative details such as funky clasps, slim yellow tags and tassels. My favorite one? The brown one pictured in the last picture!

Which one do you like the most?

Cromia Fall 2013 Cromia Fall 2013 Cromia Fall 2013 Cromia Fall 2013