{travel} A Day in Gent

Gent, Belgium

Last month I (finally) made my first road-trip from Athens to Brussels (via Italy and a ferry boat) and also had the opportunity to visit the cities of Flanders, namely: Gent, Brugges and Antwerpen. I’ll start my travel photo diaries with Gent, the first city I visited upon arriving on Belgium.

Also in Gent I had the opportunity to meet Al from the blog The Red Dot. It was so lovely to finally meet in real life after reading each others blogs and communicating via Twitter and Facebook…yes the Internet can bring people closer, I believe that! Al was also very kind to provide me with detailed information on how to get to the city center, where to eat for lunch and we also had a mini-tour of the city (well, I’ve already walked all over the place before meeting her!

Gravensteen castle, Gent

Gravensteen Castle, Gent

So here’s my favorite shots of the city…you’ll notice that some have blue sky as a background while on other photos is cloudy…what can I say…the Belgian weather is really really moody… The basic sights in Gent are: the Gravensteen Castle, the Belfort (the bell tower), the Cathedral (which is amazing, but unfortunately photos are forbidden) and the Town Hall with it’s double facade. Walking along the river is a must (especially in the Kraanlei) and also in the narrow streets of Patershol. I particularly liked Vrijdagmarkt and Baudelostraat which has some very beautiful buildings.

buildings in Vrijdagmarkt

Buildings in Vrijdagmarkt

buildings in Baudelostraat

Buildings in Baudelostraat

self portrait on an art gallery window

Self Portrait on an art gallery window



River Lei

River Lei

Gent's Town Hall

Gent’s Town Hall

details from Gent

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4 thoughts on “{travel} A Day in Gent

  1. Absolutely amazing! I love Belgium, it has so many beautiful and historical areas … such artful surroundings. Isn’t it wonderful when you can meetup with blogging friends. Great post Anna!

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