14 thoughts on “Creating an Identity for your Blog

  1. Loved this! And I love that you created a group on IFB to generate discussion on the topic. It’s definitely vital to create an identity for your blog, in all aspects, from name down to color palette. The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower has always been fairly easy to work with, considering – it’s pretty clear that my logo would be a girl and an Eiffel Tower – but it took me nearly a year to come up with a logo I’m happy with. I think it’s okay to experiment, so long as you stick to a specific theme; i.e. I’ve had a few variants of the Girl and Eiffel Tower. I’ve seen a lot of blogs move, change names, change identities, logos, etc. so many times that it’s almost difficult to recognize who’s writing it. And that’s one of the worst things to do for yourself if you’re looking to establish yourself as a blogger. Having a dedicated social media identity is definitely a component in your blog’s overall identity. (:

  2. Thanks for the mention – I recently changed my logo to better reflect my brand, but my avatar is still the silhouette, which I love. I think it’s a great choice. Really appreciate all the advice you’re giving in this article. I think it will help a lot of bloggers.

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