{fashion} What (Not) To Wear When Going Shopping


Photo by Andreas Kontokanis

Last Saturday a friend of mine called me, to go shopping. I told her that I was just back from the gym and wearing my workout-gear and she said that she wore sweatpants too (she’s a gym instructor, so yes, that’s her “uniform”), so I tagged along without changing clothes. I ended up buying nothing, because I couldn’t figure out how these tops I was trying on would look like with normal clothes. This “experience” prompted me to combine a list with what to wear and what not to wear when going shopping!


Hoodies and sweatpants are for the gym, not going shopping!

1) DON’T wear sweatpants unless you want to buy clothes that you’ll wear with those sweatpants. If you try a nice top, or a fancy pair of heels, you will never get the idea how they will look like with jeans or a skirt.

For example, if you are usually wearing jeans and you’re on the look out for an appropriate top, wear those jeans!

2) WEAR a bra you normally wear, NOT a sport’s bra. I had this problem on Saturday too. I tried on a blouse on Zara, but with my sport bra and sweatpants I couldn’t tell If it actually looked good on me!

3) AVOID wearing lots of layers. I find it very frustrating when I have to remove my jacket, my cardigan, my top… The less, the better ;)

blue skirt

4) If you want to buy a pair of shoes (or a top), to combine with THAT skirt (or trousers, etc), then DO take THAT skirt with you (or even better wear it). I have this issue when I want to color co-ordinate clothes. So when I search for a top to pass with a specific skirt, I wear the skirt and go shopping!!!


this dress is lovely, but not convenient when going shopping

5) AVOID wearing a dress when shopping for separates. Another shopping mishap for me. Picture me in a dressing room trying on a top, and having my dress as a skirt! I ultimately asked for a random pair of shorts, to see how the hell this top truly looks like!!!

Photo credits: all photos found on flickr. Click on photos for source!

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43 thoughts on “{fashion} What (Not) To Wear When Going Shopping

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  4. Also, please don’t go shopping directly from the gym after a hard workout. Shower first please! Ever pulled on a top after someone else who hasn’t showered?? P.U.!!
    I agree about the layering but I would never go to the mall without my makeup on!

    • this goes without saying!! I just don’t sweat so I can go shopping after the gym :P (then again you could go shopping before the gym, so you’d be still wearing a sweatpant!).

    • This was my first thought, too! I go to the gym *to* sweat. The first thing I want to do post-gym is shower and get into clean clothes. I can’t imagine wanting to shop post-gym!

      • well sometimes I go shopping post gym, but I’m lucky I don’t sweat! but it’s not practical at all!!

  5. Very good post! I have the dress problem often because I always want to look cute when I go shopping, but it ends up being very impractical. I think jeans and a casual tee make for the perfect shopping day uniform!

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  7. I would add to wear shoes that can be taken off easily, and put back on easily. The bra part is so important. If you’re shopping for an evening dress it’s a good idea to wear YOUR strapless bra (or equivalent), to see if it peeks out in the back or whatever.

    Great post!



    • oh yes! you’re so right about shoes!! for example knee boots in winter, it is so annoying to take them off and put them back on again!
      And the strapless bra!!It’s the only way to see how an evening dress fits!

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    • I usually wear white bra, so I’m ok (colourful ones don’t work, i know). Seamless underwear is also a good idea! I’ll keep that in mind!

  9. Great post and soo true. Another one you didn’t mentioned is dont wear tights when shopping for summer shoes, ie, sandals, wedges, flip flops! (happened to me this week, what was I thinking.. duh)
    Congrats on making the links ala mode!

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  11. Love this post! I’ve made the same mistakes so many times that I now wear just a black skirt and white tank top to avoid all these problems :)

  12. Terrific advise, especially about the BRA !!!
    I’ve tried on stuff while in my “shleppy” house bra and missed out because the girls weren’t in their proper place ;)
    also, no make-up, i just hate finding that perfect top, only to find an imprint of another woman’s face on it !

    • A good bra is essential!!I’ve made that mistake a couple of times but now I know!! As I don’t wear much make up I never thought of omitting it :P but you are right…it is annoying when a new top is already dirty from someone else’s make up!

  13. YES! People never understand this when they go shopping! I actually thrift a lot and I usually wear leggings with a long tunic/tank top (granted, it’s also California and it is getting HOTTTT) and flats. Tuck a small pair of thin socks/hose in your bag for trying on shoes and you’re golden.

    • That’s a good clothes combo, simple and practical! In the winter it gets annoying when you have to wear layers!

  14. It happens a lot when shopping for a dress for a special event, such as a wedding or so, and you need a dress to go with some shoes you already have, or it’s the other way around…and if you are working and decided to do said hunt on your lunch break or right after work, you never have the items you need to combine on you… it’s a recipe for disaster.

    Sweet post ;) congrats on making it on to the IFB links xxx

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  17. Thank you very much for using my photo. I am grateful that you liked it. But you don’t cite the creator’s name as simple Creative Commons license says. Also your content is copyrighted. The license of the photo creatvie commons share alike so you’ve still need permission to use it in copyrighted content.
    I understand that this is not blog that you sell something so the only thing that I ask you for is to have a link under the photo with my name (Andreas Kontokanis) and a link to my personal photoblog fwto.gr

    • Εντάξει κε Κοντοκάνη και συγγνώμη που δεν είχα βάλει το όνομα σας νωρίτερα, νόμιζα ότι αρκεί το link στην φωτογραφία (στο flickr)

      • Γενικώς είναι ένα λάθος που όλοι κάνουν η αναφορά του δημιουργού είναι υποχρεωτική και το link είναι κάτι νέο που πια το ορίζεις στην άδεια. Και πάλι σε ευχαριστώ που θεώρησες χρήσιμη τη φωτογραφία μου.

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